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Miroku Association and Johrei

Miroku association USA is part of Sekai Kyusei Kyo, Izunome Kyodan, an international organization, founded in Japan with branches in Canada, as well as many others countries in Europe, South America, Africa, Oceania and Asia.


Miroku association is dedicated in creating a society centered on living spiritual principals that helps to achieve a balanced physical and spiritual health life. A society that is guided on the  principles of truth, goodness and beauty.


To achieve this goal, Miroku association promotes the practice of Johrei. The true mission of Johrei and the work of our organization is to bring about ideal conditions on earth, replacing the illness, poverty and strife now prevailing. 

Every person is born into the earth dimension with the mission of helping to manifest ideal conditions on the planet in accordance with God's plan.

When we live and function in harmony with this plan, health, happiness, and peace will be intrinsic attributes of daily life. They are our inalienable rights.

Meishu-sama, the founder of the Johrei Movement 

In 1935, the Johrei movement was founded by Mokichi Okada, our beloved Meishu-sama (his spiritual name) who received a revelation to bring about an ideal world, a world free from illness, misfortune, and conflict.

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Since Meishu-sama started the Johrei Movement, many people was helped through Johrei, and soon it became to be practiced by thousand of people in Japan. Today Johrei is practiced by more the 4 millions people worldwide.


Philosopher, Artist, and Spiritual Leader

Johrei is a spiritual practice based on the focusing of universal life energy, also referred to as "divine" or spiritual light.

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